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self adhesive labels

Self Adhesive Labels in Afghanistan

Barcode labels in Afghanistan available from Maxxam-V International. we can provide printed or Plain. Self Adhesive Labels in Afghanistan available all type of Paper , Thermal Transfer, Direct Thermal , PVC or PET.

Self Adhesive Labels price in Afghanistan

Buy barcode labels or self adhesive labels for branding of your product. Pharmaceutical Labels for bottles we can provide with five color printing.

Self Adhesive Labels Afghanistan.

Self Adhesive Labels Types:

Ordinary paper products are mainly have: Semi-gloss paper, Cast coated paper, Woodfree paper. Ordinary paper  characteristic are by price lower, easy to print, universal . Suitable for all kinds of printing, such as screen printing, offset printing, laser, rotary etc.. Application in daily necessities, food, medicine, office supplies, logistics  labels etc,.The most common is the storage, address and shelf labels, as well as blank label die cutting processing. Effective at normal temperature for 2 years.

Self Adhesive Labels we already providing for following industry.

Food Labels

Edible oil or Automobile oil Labels

Tyre Labels

Medicine Labels

Jar Labels

Chemical Drum Labels


we can ship to Afghanistan within four days after confirmation of design and printing .



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