Radio Frequency Identificaton

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Radio Frequency Identification

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the new technology or form or Barcode to identify things automatically without any involvement of human to make sure the error less transaction.

RFID replace barcode in some industries very successfully and make the work done very easy and even ensure the accuracy and also cover the human negligencey or missing items. For example in Retail chain stores stock audit ( inventory management) is always very difficult and time taking procedure when they using barcode system, Auditor have to scan every single item barcode to make entry , so in a multi story chain store thousands items they have to scan , in such work load its very easy to imagine they left or miss to scan some items, but in RFID solution auditor just pass from shelf one by one and products goes scan automatically they dont need to touch or focus any thing and there is no chance to any thing left behind, a hours work can be done in minutes and days work can be done in hours without any error.

RFID required a reader which can attach with multiple antenna’s , that antenna read the tag and send the code to reader , RFID reader send that code to system , which can be connect through wire or wireless. and system perform the required action against that code same as barcode do . this is the scenario in case of fix RFID reader. and for the audit or stock tacking a hand held RFID reader perform and read the all data and that file can be transfer to system through wifi or usb wire.

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