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M-MARK Cash Draw MV-428 in Pakistan.

Cash Draw is commonly used at every retail store or any other business to maintain cash at till / shop counter like cinema house or kids play area. M-MARK Cash draw is available in pakistan now with 5 note bin and 8 coins.

Cash draw have different type of bins and it can also customized according to business or user requirements,

Cash Draw can be with 4 bin for currency notes or 5 bin, and it also have pockets for coins and any of them you can use to store the credit card bills,

Cash draw coin bins moveable in tysso model PCD-428P which help to hid the high price currency notes under that bin and you can also hide the credit card bills under that coin bin.

Tysso cash draw PCD-428P comes with 4 bin of currency notes but have the facility to make it 5 bin draw.

Tysso Cash draw model PCD-428 use wheels at side for opening which it give real durability. these wheels make it strong and even very suitable for high usage stores.

Every cash draw of tysso have separate key of lock , it never will happened that one cash key can open other.

Tysso cash draw can work with thermal printer, as the slip printed it will send a message to cash draw and tray comes out automatically , cashier use it and close the cash draw with hand force, or it can remain open if the customers are in long queue to operate fast.

M-MARK have steel body with very good quality trigger to open cash draw and it also have secret whole to open the cash draw if you loose the key. Every cash draw key is different from other , one cash draw key cant open other.

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