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Packing & Pasting Machine:

Maxxam – V International is one of the leading company providing Auto-ID-Solution and Print & Pack Solution since 2002. Maxxam-V provide self adhesive labels plain or printed to every industry in Pakistan and specially focused to Pharma industry through state of art printing machines. we can provide printed labels for food or pharma industry and addition of packing and pasting machine in our production line is going to make us first choice of customers in Pakistan.

The research and development section of Maxxam V International continuously working to improve the process and services rendered by Maxxam to its valuable customers. The suggestions are then discussed with concerned internal stakeholders. A thorough study is being conducted by aligning the market expert for the same.
After the completion of Homework, The operational management present the same to Board members for review and approval taking into considerations the best estimates. Project team take up the case after its approval from the Board.
Hence, keeping in view to ensure the consistent quality and in time delivery to our valued customers; we have installed state of the art packaging and pasting machine for unit cartons of pharmaceutical, FMCG, Auto parts, Food and related industries. This initiative will ensure the quality standards are being met for which MAXXAM stands for. Now Maxxam-V able to provide consistent quality of Pharmaceutical unit carton, Food Packaging unit carton specially Spices Unit Carton and can achieve the same day delivery challenge which actually Maxxam-V set’s for its self.
In addition, This milestone has reduced our stock delivery time to meet the urgent requirement of our valued customers. Now we are capable to serve them as per commitment and ensuring that the whole services rendered by us are gone through the rigorous quality control.
It gives us immense pleasure to share that we are offering print and pack solution under one roof by transfer of technology, installing the state of the art machinery, bringing automation in all steps to mitigate the error. Accuracy and in time response to customer is our main strategy for year 2021.

Unit Carton

Unit Carton box packing specially for medicine Pharma Industry and spices food packing unit carton. Maxxam – V provide one window solution for pharma and food industry , unit carton packing , leaflet , description page and labelling . we have printing , coating, UV , Varnish , foiling and pasting all type facilities.

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