Label Applicator

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label applicator

automatic labeling machine

Label Apply Machine,

Labelling Applicator is the requirement of almost every industry. Label Applicator called a

machine which apply the labels to product Manual or Automatic in a speed and accuracy.

Color Labels

Applying label every time at the right / same place on bottle is only achievable with help of machine. Any how that machine can be manual or automatic.

Maxxam-V offers a range of label dispensers for quick and easy label handling, without the liner and ready for application.

Label Applicator
Label Applicator

Standalone, quick and easy to use, label dispensers reduce the manual handling of labels speeding up assembly lines and production environments to create mess free, automatic dispensing of a variety of label types.

Label Applicator / Dispenser of labels are many type in market , Major difference is the labelling machine is manual or automatic. Manual Label Applicator have to start / move every time by human. User first apply the container / bottle on the applicator then press or move the applicator to start apply and then remove it. Manual Applicator also have accuracy in placement of label, but it not as fast as automatic applicator and also manual applicator every time user have to put and remove the container or bottle from Applicator , another type of manual applicator is to paste the label on Product by human by using the applicator gun , its a manual gun type applicator and release the label when user press trigger and apply where the user place the gun. This type applicator useful to apply labels on carton or things are flat. round bottles labels not suitable through handheld manual applicator.

Label Applicator can be automatic to achieve speed in large quantity production like consumer items , or to match the automatic production or packing unit required to install automatic labels dispenser / Applicator which is also called the part of end of line packaging.

Automatic Label Applicator work with conveyor belt , an automatic production or packing unit. A product travel on conveyor belt sensor sense it and applicator print a apply a label.

Applicator width size is according to the size of label or product, size of label have major impact on applicator size and its price.

Label Applicator in Pakistan mostly using by Pharmaceutical / medicine industry or consumer items manufacturer. Label Applicator price in Pakistan different and depend on the size of label and required speed.

Maxxam-V supply all type of Label Applicator in Pakistan, Maxxam-V have manual or automatic all type label applicator. Maxxam-V have offices in all major cities of pakistan and also provide Towa Gun Type Manual Label Applicator.

Label Applicator

Towa Label Applicator comes in different size from 30mm width to 100mm width labels it can apply . Towa Label Applicator’s are made in Japan with one year warranty.

30mm width Label Applicator

It is the time of the pacesetters: this has probably never been as important as in the development of the vaccine during a pandemic, its mass production and worldwide distribution.

Vaccine labeling for high speed & continuous operation

Labeling vaccines in vials and other round formats precisely and in high numbers with Maxxam-V labeling machines

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