About us

Maxxam-V International is one of the leading company providing Print & Pack Solution here in Pakistan since 2002. Maxxam-V International always endeavor for solid and best suited solution for our valued customers in the field of auto identification (Barcode & RFID) and Self adhesive labels with consistent printing quality. All this is done through integrity, teamwork and innovation..


Inks play the main role in value addition; the touch of finesse that consumers find attractive is gained by the proper utilization of inks. Constant color reproduction is maintained at Maxxam-V because of the high quality, certified food grade inks we source from Germany.

Pre Press

Our in-house pre-press department is equipped with the Experienced Professional and latest computer hardware and software (which is updated regularly) in order to alter or develop artwork per customer request. Our Printing Plate Supplier possess the latest in thermal & digital plate-making hardware and technology that ensures crisp quality printing on the finished product.

For use of Fresh inks, we import regularly and have certified engineer with our own ink department equipped with a state-of the art laboratory which controls ink quality at the press and at the source itself. Our color consistency is unmatched.


Tooling & The Press

Rotary die-cutters, punchers and punch modules are imported from the best suppliers in Europe. We use ceramic anilox rolls from Germany which have unparalleled accuracy in ink transfer. Our doctor blades are imported from a highly reputed manufacturer in Europe.

Our Flexo , Digital and Foil machinery is from Europe manufacturer, which ensures high speed and maximum productivity. Our implementation of cutting edge rewinding technology ensures accurate tag/envelope counts and zero waste. The central air conditioning of our facilities keep the humidity level very low and controls ambient temperature to maximize productivity of machinery and inks.

Waste Management

We at Maxxam-V care for our environment and believe in a green policy throughout production. Our raw paper and board are only sourced from mills that use farmed trees for pulp manufacturing. Waste water and paper/board are analyzed in the lab for recyclability. The water diverted for recycling is directed to an in-house treatment plant before re-use, and waste board is outsourced for recycling. Any materials not conforming to recyclable standards are sent to incinerators. Sludge taken from water treatment is collected by a waste disposal company for correct disposal.

Quality Controlling

Our in-house QC department makes sure that all incoming material is quality approved at source and at delivery to us. They also ensure that quality is consistent throughout pre-press, printing, processing and at delivery. All tags and envelopes are certified by our QC department so our valued customers can run the reels error free.

Processing and Shipping

Processing and packaging of Orders till Shipping is processed through ERP System and carried out according to the customer’s requirement and can be palletized or packed in Suitable Cartons with export packaging. we use company printed core and carton.


    Maxxam-V International is not only labeling company we provide complete solution for Auto-ID, Software , Hardware and its consumables. we can print labels of any color and any size. custom logo printed labels for your product branding. Maxxam-V is the distributor of world trusted brands to supply in pakistan with certified engineers for after sale service. our experienced team can develop any kind of software specialized we are in Point of sale and Time & Attendance Software's.

    Maxxam-V International offers its Customers cost-effective solutions and wants to be the Customers first choice. It provides Products and Services that support Customers Products development and enhance their value creation. We are here to make our customers successful.

    Maxxam-V International has extended its operations throughout the United Arab Emirates; Pakistan; United Kingdom. In view of its Multinational status, Having four offices in pakistan Maxxam becomes the local company for our every customer. Its extensive International Network and strong global partners provides the basis for successful and safe solutions.

    Maxxam-V International employees are the key to its success. Our Corporate culture is defined by Diversity, Open Dialogue, Mutual Respect, Clear Goals and Decisive Leadership. Through its Worldwide Network of Offices and Business Associates, Maxxam-V International guarantees sound Technological and Economic advice as well as Comprehensive and Reliable Service including Local Supply of Consumables and Spare Parts.

    To provide customers with a complete cost effective solution utilizing the latest technology in our market place To provide a high level of customer service To have honesty, integrity and respect for all individuals To develop the knowledge and skills of employees To continuously improve all aspects of the business through challenging goal Short Lead Time -- Fast response to order, and minimize lead time. Customer support --Timely and professional support to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

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