We are proud of the standards set by our Lahore factory and of our Code of Conduct on Ethical Trading. All of our trading relationships are underpinned by ethical principles and we work closely with manufacturing sites and suppliers around the world to achieve higher standards and ensure that Elite Labels’ ethical principles are applied consistently in everyday working practices.


    • We trust our people to choose to do the right thing.
    • We ensure that our people have the required means and abilities to serve their customers and that they feel accountable for their actions.
    • We continuously weed out unnecessary controls.


    • We take pride in our job.
    • We go out of the way to honor our commitment.
    • Committed to excellence.


    • Our customers are worthy of our unconditional attention.
    • All people are important.
    • All jobs are important.


    • We take genuine interest in the well-being of our stakeholders..
    • We are empathetic to the needs of our customers.
    • We work for social good.


    • We are always truthful.
    • We inspire trust through our fair and transparent dealings.
    • We always act in your best interest.


    • We welcome out-of- the-box thinking.
    • We have the courage to try new ideas.
    • Innovation drives our growth and excellence.


    • We see maxxam-v as a platform for developing exceptional people.
    • We encourage our people to take initiatives.
    •  We believe in continuous growth.

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