Print head

Print head is very important part of barcode printer specially , it is very sensitive and should have to make it dust proof other wise it will damage and its an one of the expensive part from Printer.
Maxxam-V can provide the print head of all Printers from Zebra , Sato , TSC , Argox , M-MARK , Tysso , Citizen , Avery Dennison , Paxar and Honeywell. we can provide all type of original print head from 203 dpi to 600 dpi.
Sato Print head now very easy to change and just to change the print head convert printer from like 203 dpi to 300 dpi . conversion of dpi is so easy now in sato. Zebra Printers also claim that only change print head to dpi conversion but actually it dont work in Zebra.

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