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Attendance & Payroll Software

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Attendance Management System

Biometric & Face Reader

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Attendance & payroll Software in Pakistan

Automatic attendance and employee payroll management system is that marks the employee attendance by recognized him via camera or Biometric device. This device has mark the employee attendance via employee’s face, fingerprint or card reader. Admin just add the first time employee details to device like name, role and method of attendance mark. The system will automatically generate all the record of the employee attendance. After every month, it will generate a report of each one of employee that shows their absentees in previous month. The system will generate absentee’s fine slip and detect it from his/her salary.

Number of Roles:
In this system two roles defined.
1- Admin:
Admin have complete authority to manipulate the record of the system like insert, delete, update and view the record. Admin can also create the multiple users of a system.

2 – User

Attendance Management System Modules or Features:
The modules or features in this System are as follows:
1- Device Connection Module:
In this module, admin can add new device, delete device and connect with device. It will take 5s to 10s to get all the record from the user attendance as well as new user record.

2- Department Module:
In this module, admin can add, delete, update and view the department record.

3- Overtime Module:
In this module, user set the overtime on the shift. User can set the overtime on his requirements like 10days, 20 days etc. by select the date range. When user can get report the system will show all the overtime and also show the salary of each day of overtime.

4- Break Timing:
Admin can set the break timing. If Saturday to Thursday timing is same but on Friday it will also manage in it.

5- Shift Management:
In this module, admin can create the shift that shows all employee shift on which shift it will work.

6- Employee Module:
In this module, admin can add, delete, and update the employee record. The employee details have following fields:
 Employee name.
 Employee CNIC.
 Employee Date of birth.
 Employee joining date.
 Employee Address.
 Employee Salary.
 Employee Department.
 Employee Photo.
 Employee Contact Number.
 Employee Email.

7- Attendance Module:
In this module, admin have mark the employee attendance and get all the report of the employee attendance. The system will generate four types of report daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Admin can save this file in excel sheet as well as PDF format. This module gets the in and out time of employee and calculate the working hours by delete its break time day by day.

8- Payroll Module:
In this module, admin can generate the pay slip of the employee. Admin just select the employee and select the calculation method by per day or per hour. It will generate the employee pay.

9- Accounts Setting Module:
In this module, user can rest their password by replacing a previous password.

10- Leave:
In this module, admin can add the holiday like 1st may, 5th February. System will automatically set it as holiday during the attendance report and payroll slip.

Admin can get report in pdf or in excel file.

1-Frontend is developed in C#.
2. Backend is developed in C#, MSQL, dotnet.

1. Microsoft MSSQL Server

System Requirement:
1. Windows 8/8.1/10
2. Ram 4GB
3. 500GB Hard Disk
4. System corei3, corei5

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