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October 5, 2019
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October 5, 2019

Flexo Printed Fabric Labels

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Care Labels / Teffta / Satten

Fabric printed labels are Soft durable  available in Nylon, Polyester, taffeta and satin fabrics. Multiple color printing can be done on them. Teffta Labels are finished on using ultra sonic cutting machine which give them soft edges.

Maxxam-V provide washing instructions Teffta labels in pakistan since 2002.


Teffta / Satten Labels:

Flexo Printed Fabric Labels:

it also called Flexo printed fabric labels, used to print size, company logo, made in country and washing instruction .

we are specialized in 5 color Flexo printing on Teffta and Satten in Pakistan. we cut them on very high tech machines which operated by the special trained engineers to get the very fine quality.

Teffa / Satten or Fabric Labels are the specialty of Maxxam-V in Lahore Pakistan. we have four offices in Pakistan , head office in Lahore and branch office in Karachi, Faisalabad, Islamabad.

Teffta Labels can be printed through barcode printer with cutter, client can print on demand in its premises through barcode printer and installed cutter cut the required size and Teffta Labels printed through barcode printer must use wash care Ribbons, so printing does not goes rub during stone wash.

Teffta / Satten Labels are available in our all offices, include head office in Lahore and Branch office in Faisalabad, Karachi and Islamabad. we can also arrange demo of Teffta / Satten Labels with barcode printer and cutter in any big city of Pakistan like Multan, Rawalpindi, Haydrabad, Quetta , Hattar industrial area, Peshawar or any industrial area in KPK .

Sato Barcode Printer CL4NX with Cutter is best for the inhouse printing of Teffta / Satten Labels. customer can print any short fall at any time without any delay in production , That’s why we always recommend to customer to have inhouse printing facility for Teffta / Satten Labels. with the head office in Lahore and branch office in Karachi, Faisalabad and Islamabad every major city of pakistan , Maxxam-V is the local company for our every customer and can provide back up services to every one at any time in all cities of Pakistan.