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Data Collection Device MV-90

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Real Time Barcode Reading MV-90

Data Collection Device MV-90 Features:

Data Collection Device in Pakistan Model is MV-90.

Data Collection Device MV-90 Sharp and bright color TFT QVGA display.
• Ergonomic, compact, robust and lightweight.
• Bluetooth technology.
• 1.2m(4 ft.) drop resistance.
• IP54 protection class.
• Quick attach handle.
• Extremely long operation hours.


Data Collection Device MV-90

Data Collection Device MV-90 in Pakistan

Data Collection Device MV-90 Specifications:

Wireless: Adopted 433M wireless data transmission chip. ensures the reliability of data transmission.

 Configurable: Based on senior collect firmware. Users could define the property of items and the style of displaying in the screen.

 Database: Read EXCEL/TXT and ‘.dbf’ database file. Inventory ,save & export data to EXCEL/TXT in device directly.

 Power: Supports auto shut down and data protection.full power could standby more than 6 months.

 Flash Memory:16MB,Support U-disk with 14M memory.


Data Collection Device MV-90 basic functions and software detail:

Data Collection Device MV-90 Basic Functions(Standard firmware)

Data Collection Device MV-90 Scan Gun

1.Scan Gun(Real-time transmission mode)
USB Gun:Transfer data by USB cable.
Wireless Gun:Transfer data by wireless cradle.

Data Collection Device MV-90 Collection Mode

2.Barcode Collecting Mode (Batch scan and bulk transmission)
All of the scanned barcode are stored in scan order in FLASH memory, even power-down won’t cause data loss.

Data Collection Device MV-90 Inventory

3.Inventory (no names) Mode
Inventory mode is a simple inventory mode, only collect barcodes and quantities, without the items’ name. The maximum number of saving is 10,000 records in each library.

Data Collection Device MV-90 Senior functions(Senior firmware)

1.Senior Collecting Mode(Configurable Mode)
Integration basic inventory and collection function, customize the fields of products’ attributes, including field names, field length, field categories, input methods and so on
 Learn about “Configurable Mode”

Data Collection Device MV-90 Database

2.Database (Read the records in database file)
Read the existing records in database files directly and edit their values in terminal,users just need to create a ‘.dbf’ file by our official tool or EXCEL and other tools.
 Learn about “Database Function”

Data Collection Device MV-90 Main features

1.Send data by Wireless/USB
433M wireless frequency, two-way communication,supports maximum 32 radio channels,each channel supports 255 devices

2.Export to file
Export data to TXT or EXCEL file directly.

3.Free to set the export format
Use ASCII code to freely define the exported prefix, suffix, and delimited symbol.
 Learn about “Set export format”

4.Low power consumption
Standby time: Over 3 months (according to the remaining battery);
Continuous work hours: 30-50 hours, at least 10,000 times scanning.

Data Collection Device MV-90 Accessories

Lithium battery, mini USB cable, wireless communication and charging cradle, cable for cradle

Data Collection Device Detailed Introduction,


Data collection device commonly used in warehouse management, Inventory Control, Footwear retail chains to audit, Bakeries to place daily order, Chain Stores, or any other area of place where items are big not easy to move near to barcode scanner or are in large number of quantity.

Data Collection Device is a hand held unit, just like a mobile to scan barcode of any item. It have memory to store barcodes and send to computer or its base through wireless or wire. Data collection device widely used for garment retail chain stores or grocery retail chain stores to audit the inventory.

Data Collection Device MV-90 have three modes of data collection , first simply it scan barcode with item name and store data , second user can write the number of items with every scan of barcode and third it can transfer the data at run time through Bluetooth connectivity to its cradle.

Maxxam-V International is the distributor of MV-90 data collection device in Pakistan. MV-90 Data collection device have 16MB Flash memory it can save 10,000 Transaction in its memory.

Data Collection Device most common function is to collect data from the production or storage hall and transfer to computer to produce reports or done decisions according to available products stock. So accurate data is very important part of this. Now data collection devices can also read 2D Barcode and it increase the detail and accuracy of data.

MV-90 Data collection device is programmable according to user working environment. User can set multiple fields with barcode, it help to collect more detailed information about products. Device can be programmed for collect data of multiple branches, a chain store of shoes, grocery stores or sweets & bakers can use to collect data and store with each branch name . It help user to visit a city for example collect date of all branches in single device and come to head office connect with its computer and work done.

Data collection device help to succeed in today’s digitally connected business world, you need to give your workers the right tools to complete their unique work tasks faster, smarter and better. If a worker have to count any product, it will took hours to complete just even 100 units but with the help of data collection device she can done this work within 10 or 15 minutes without the error possibility, because machine does do mistake, it human who can do mistake by doing manually human can count anything wrong or can place it in wrong category but machine once design for any work that can’t make mistake until it got problem.

MV-90 Data collection device available in all cities of Pakistan. Maxxam-V have four offices in Pakistan with head office in Lahore. Branch office in Karachi, Faisalabad and Islamabad. We can also arrange delivery in Quetta, Peshawar, Bahawalpur, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi, Mardan, Sahiwal, Gujrat, Jhelum, Malam jabba, Sawat, Afghanistan, Iran, Dubai, Qatar.

Data Collection Device price in pakistan start from 7500 Rs. to 45000 Rs. Delivery and Warranty charges other than this .

Data collection device MV-90 Price in Pakistan vary according to specifications from 29000 Rs. to 45000 Rs, Memory requirement and warranty period have major impact on price calculations.