Pharmaceutical Adhesive Labels
June 7, 2013
Z-6170 Barcode Scanner
December 17, 2018

Off-set Printing

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Business Printing

we can make your product a Brand

Maxxam-V have expand its printing capacity and now we can make your products a brand, from designing a logo or company name  to printing of all product labels or selling / marketing material and business printing like letter head , business cards.

Product packing , labeling and presentation on shelf is our responsibility, we can design and print product adhesive label and also its unit carton.

we can print and design following Items:


Business Cards




Unit Carton


Description Note


Offset printing, first image came in mind printing in a piece or units, Maxxam-V have state of the art printing machinery we can print in Roll or sheet both forms. As industry specially pharmaceutical growing speed is the key factor , so companies transfer packing to automatic labels applicator which required labels in Roll Form. Maxxam-V have latest machinery to meet the industry requirement.

we can print in Roll and sheet form , we can add following options to make your product label eye catching on shelf, 

Hot Foil

Cold Foil


UV Coating

Corona Treatment