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June 7, 2013
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June 7, 2013

Pharmaceutical Adhesive Labels

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Preprinted Medicine Labels

Self Adhesive Labels create triangular containers that stand on their caps, leaving a large area on the front and back for drug-information labels. The drug information is in large typeface, the pharmacy details are small and at the bottom of the label, and there’s room for multiple warnings and instructions on the back of the bottles.


Self Adhesive Pharmaceutical Labels

In Self Adhesive Labels Maxxam-V has built a reputation as the standard for quality and service for Pharma Labels since 2002. Today, our secondary packaging services include pharma label print services in lahore for various bio-tech industries and medical devices. We are committed to developing and printing innovative materials that make it easier for you to get vital information to your customers.

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Self adhesive labels in pakistan available with eight color printing .