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February 18, 2019
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Self Adhesive Labels Pakistan

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Self Adhesive Labels we providing During the last 20 years in label converting business, our range of labels has been growing steadily

Flexo Label Printing was introduced by Maxxam-V in 2008, we uses the versatile technology to print on a wide range of substrates. after that Maxxam added many new technologies to print labels , offset printing technology to print very small font very sharp and good readable size. we also have facility to print with UV ink if required . Digital printing machines are the future of label printing , Maxxam-V already adopted this technology and it help us to deliver the order at very short notifications. we can print small to high quantities.

The quickest turnarounds, as we produce everything under one roof

Self Adhesive Paper raw materials we buy from Avery Dennison Fasson.


Self Adhesive Labels

Self Adhesive Labels Details:

Self Adhesive Labels in Lahore

Self Adhesive Labels color printed for food or Pharma Industry. Semi Gloss Paper is the common used paper for the printed labels, specially for food and pharma industry. Maxxam-V production unit for Self Adhesive Labels and Printing in Lahore.

Thermal Transfer Labels for Manufacturing or Retail industry to Print Barcode. Fasson is the biggest brand for thermal transfer labels in pakistan. Maxxam-V import Fasson Avery Dennison paper from Malaysia.

Direct Thermal Labels for Retail Grocery and Bakery Items to Print Barcode . Fasson is the biggest brand for direct thermal labels in pakistan. Maxxam-V import Fasson Avery Dennison direct thermal paper from Malaysia.

PVC /PET for chemical or oil industry to Print Barcode or Specification and handling Instructions. Fasson is the biggest brand for PVC / PET  labels in pakistan. Maxxam-V import Fasson Avery Dennison paper from Malaysia.

PVC Silver Pet label for assets tagging or for printing of house fold item like dish washing bottle labels , or it can also use for wash room washing liquid bottles. Digital Printing quality on silver pet paper is always very very sharp and eye catching .

Security / Destructible / not removable paper , as it clear from its name this paper use as security of any item that its label cant be removed , or if removed it will destruct / break it parts and cant be used again , so no one can make fake item to remove from old item and paste at new fake item. This paper also perform as a security , because as it removed it left an impression on the surface and easily can be identify that some one removed label.

Flexo Printing, Digital Printing or Offset Printing Labels available in Pakistan from Maxxam at best rates.