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ZKTeco Silkbio 100TC

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SilkBio-100TC Time & Attendance Machine

SilkBio-100TC is the first ever Time & Attendance and Access Control Terminal from Zkteco to be associated with SilkID fingerprint reader, face recognition and FRID card functions. SilkBio-100TC With the new SilkID fingerprint reader, the operation remain stable under strong light source and high preciseness of verification of wet and rough fingers. SilkBio-100TC With latest facial algorithm and the innovation features, Silkbio-100TC is bringing you the whole new experience.


ZKTeco Silkbio 100TC Parameter

Face Capacity 2000
Fingerprint Capacity 3000
ID Card Capacity 3000
Record Capacity 100,000
Display 2.8-inch TFT Screen
Communication RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB -Host
Standard Functions Work Code, SMS, DST, Scheduled-bell, Self-Service Query, Automatic Status Switch ,Photo ID, T9 Input, Camera, 9 digit user ID, Built-in Battery, Multiple Verify Mode, External Bell.
Access Control Interface for Lock, Door Sensor, Exit Button, Alarm
Wiegand Signal Output
Optional Functions ID/MF Cards, ADMS
Power Supply DC 12V 3A
Operating Temp. 0 °C- 45 °C
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Dimension 173.0×159.0×36.1mm (Length×Width×Thickness)
Net Weight 490 g

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